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What is USPology?

USPology is the art and science of being unique. USPology is applied by creating and deploying powerful, magnetic, laser-focused Dynamic Unique Selling Propositions (DUSPs). Most businesses need multiple DUSPs for different offers and different target markets. USPology is a registered trademark of Nick Nichols.

A Dynamic Unique Selling Proposition defines a distinct, exclusive benefit promised by a company, service, product, individual or brand that empowers it to stand out from competitors. A Dynamic USP must be obvious, relevant and meaningful to a specific target audience and must convey a solution to a vital problem that target audience has now or could have soon. The opposite of a Dynamic USP is a dysfunctional USP.

A Dynamic USP Can Increase Your Sales By As Much As 500% in Three Months or Less with Little or No Increase in Advertising or Promotional Expenses!

My ongoing research, conducted over 25 years, has found that as of July, 2024, 95% of commercial businesses and non-profit organizations STILL do not have a Dynamic USP and, in fact, have dysfunctional or non-existent USPs!

Sadly, for those commercial businesses and non-profit organizations, lack of a Dynamic USP is a brick wall that is keeping ideal, premium buyers, potential joint venture partners, potential M&A dealmakers – even the media – out!

What is a “USPologist?”

A USPologist is an expert in crafting and deploying Dynamic USPs across all media to attract premium buyers who will see you as the best and obvious choice and who are ready to do business on your terms at the prices you want to charge with little or no negotiation. If you are among the 97% of businesses and non-profit entities that have a dysfunctional USP it’s probably not your fault. Ninety-seven percent of people who purport to be marketing, advertising, branding or social media experts also have dysfunctional USPs.

Dynamic USPs have many facets – too many to list here – and USP development is complex. As the world’s leading USP expert and the world’s first USPologist, I can tell in less than 10 seconds whether you – or whoever is or has been advising you – has a Dynamic USP or not. I invite you to click on the button below to schedule a Strategic Fundraising Conversation.


*The USP concept is often attributed to the late Rosser Reeves, advertising pioneer and former chairman of The Ted Bates Agency. It is believed that the Don Draper character in AMC’s Mad Men was loosely based on Reeves.